Deadlands: How the West Was Weird

Night Train

Leaving the abandoned train station, the party finds itself in Varney Flats. After looking around a bit, they report to the sheriff’s with news of the murdered station manager. The deputy there, named Parrish, says that’s too bad, but he’s got bigger problems. The marshall is missing and he’s got a buffalo hunter in the jail that the townsfolk mean to lynch. He hires the posse to help him chase off any lynchmob that might attempt their own justice. The posse agrees.

They then rode off in the direction the missing marshall was traveling to see if they can find any sign of him. They come to a small sod house that is much the same scene as the station manager’s. There is blood and signs of a gunfight, and also the same strange footprints.

Returning to Varney Flats, the posse awaits the lynch mob. When they get drunk enough, the come for the criminal, but Alfred humiliates the mayor and leader of the mob by soaking him with his water contraption and making him fall in the mud.
Late that night, a haunting train whistle is heard. Soon, a black ghost-rock engine pulling three cars stops at the station and blows its whistle. Out of the cars come pouring nosferatu, who quickly disperse into the city and start dragging people back to the train. The posse fights a few off, but the train departs with over a dozen prisoners.

Deputy Parrish and mayor Varney offer to pay the posse to chase the train and bring their citizens back. Agreeing like any good hero would, the posse gives chase. Kuruk and Ulysses board the engine and find a zombie-like creature at the controls. They kill it, and Alfred douses the fire with his water machine.

Kuruk and Ulysses then start creeping along the top of the train towards the back where they think the townsfolk are. But Parrish has alerted the vampires, and some crawl to the top to confront them. In the struggle, Kuruk is grappled by one and is almost drained of his blood. Hoping to save him, Eddie takes a shot at the creature, but misses and hits Kuruk in the face. The vampire and Kuruk’s body tumble off the train and are crushed beneath the wheels.
Eddie rage


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