The murder

A body was found in a second story room of the Dog’s Eye. The body was missing it’s head and arms.

The cuts are very clean, the blade used must have been exceptionally sharp. The killer also would have needed to be very strong to cut through joints. The cuts are very precise and located at exact joints, not just hacking at the middle of the limb.

The window in the room was broken, but there is no glass on the floor indicating the window broke by something going out. No one was seen in the alley below, but there was glass outside on the ground below the window.

A patch of white silk was found hanging from the broken window.

Suzy the prostitute was there when it happened, but she’s been catatonic ever since. Her only intelligible words were “No, Paul! The knife!”

A pocket inside the dead man’s jacket held a letter. The letter reveals the man, Paul Goodwin, is a Union spy. It requests the citizen the letter is presented to to extend him every courtesy.

After questioning the innkeeper we learned that Paul Goodwin was the man who rented the room he was killed in.

The innkeeper also revealed that Paul associated with the drunkard Clayton. Who was staying at the same inn.

Attempting to question Clayton was fruitless as he wasn’t in his room. The innkeeper agreed to let us into his room to look around.

Inside we found a medical bag which had no surgical equipment. It did have a felt lined case with an outline of a scalpel, but did not contain the knife.

There was also a large carpet bag inside was an abhorrent creation. It was Paul’s head with 6 pairs of arms sewn on to it. This thing was alive and Kuruk killed it.
A closer inspection of the corpse revealed that there were different skin tones on the parts. Indicating that it was made from at least two different corpses.

Probably related: A newspaper article about some missing farmers south of the city, empty farmsteads were found.

While on patrol we noticed the confederates about. One of them, Ralph, went into an outhouse after he didn’t return for a long time it was discovered that the murderer knocked out some of the boards in the back cut off Ralph’s head and all his limbs then escaped unnoticed.

The murder

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