Chat Log 12-27-12

Alias set to: The Marshal
The Marshal: After having a drink and talking to the bartender for a while, its getting close to your on duty time.
The Marshal: You head out into the street. You see a young black man sprawled across the road, dozens of handbills scattered in the dirt.
Alfred: “So Ulysses, what exactly are we expected to do? I regretfully must admit I wasn’t fully paying attention. I didn’t expect the sheriff would think to hire me as well”
The Marshal: Another man stands over him daring him to get up.
Alison Ziesel: listens, smiling slightly and nodding at those who make eye contact
The Marshal: “C’mon and fight, ya yellow yankee!”
The Marshal: His cheeks turning red, the young man stands up and punches the man in the jaw.
Alfred: “Erm… perhaps this is what we’re to do? Do we … take bets… or try and put a stop to them?”
Alison Ziesel: blinks and draws away from the combatants
Alison Ziesel: (( so… is w va yankee or no? i thought it was… ))
Ulysses walks over to the fight
Alfred fumbles around in his pocket and pulls out his tin star
Alison Ziesel: Eddie wraps her arms around her chest hesitantly
Alfred rolled (d4_Skill) : 1d4!>=4
0 succ. =

Alfred rolled (wild) : 1d6!>=4
1 succ. =

Alison Ziesel rolled : 1d6!>=4
0 succ. =

Ulysses: “If its an honest fight we dont get involved. If someone flashes some jewelry, we should try an stop it I guess”
Ulysses rolled (Notice) : 1d6!>=4
1 succ. =

Ulysses rolled (wild) : 1d6!>=4
0 succ. =

Alison Ziesel rolled : 1d6!>=4
0 succ. =

The Marshal: Ulysses can tell the white kid is probably one of the Wilderness Raiders the bartender talked about.
Alfred: “Jewelry? The won’t place bets with folding money? I hadn’t thought jems and gold would be so prevalent”
Ulysses pauses and looks back to Alfred with a questioning look.
The Marshal: As soon as he throws the punch, the young black man seems to regret it. “Hey, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”
Ulysses: “Ah…Guns Doc”
Eddie: “This job’s more trouble’n I thought…”
The Marshal: The other man says, “That’s right, you ought notta done that…” and he takes out a knife.
Alfred: approaches with his tin star held high “See here, we are agents of the… uh… peace? Let’s keep this a clean fight. No watches or necklaces please.”
Eddie: sharply “Mister Alfred, watch y’rself!”
The Marshal: “You lookin’ to get branded too, you pencil-neck tinhorn?”
Ulysses: “Yea..Lets calm things down”
Eddie: “Hey now!”
Alfred: “No sir, I needn’t any brand. I am as yet a free man. Does this dark fellow need one? is that what you’re attempting?”
Ulysses pulls his jacket back to show his irons
Ulysses rolled (Intimidation) : 1d4!>=4
0 succ. =

Ulysses rolled (wild) : 1d6!>=4
0 succ. =

Eddie: "Knock it off!:
The Marshal rolled (spirit) : 1d6!
3 =

Ulysses: “Whats the argument here?”
Alfred: “Apparently his slave escaped, so this young fellow was goitn ot rebrand him”
The Marshal: He looks at Ulysess guns, “Those supposed to scare me? You know who I ride with?”
Eddie: “Dang it, y’all’re bein’ dense here.” firm tone
Alfred: ((It’s Micah’s brew. She’s shilling for him))
Ulysses: “No I don’t… We happen to ride with the Sheriff”
Ulysses displays his Star
The Marshal: “You think I’m scared of Earp or Masterson? Think again.”
Eddie: "C’mon now, who’re y’an’why’re
Alfred puts his star up, tryign to get it next to Ulysses, with a confident poker face on
The Marshal: Another man walks up and says, “Ralphie! Put away that knife!”
Eddie: “C’mon now, who’re’ya’an’why’re’fussin’?”
The Marshal: Ralphie looks at the other man and says, “Jake! He hit me!”
Ulysses: “Look, we dont much care what the dispute is. We just need the peace kept during the festivities. Can ya’all work this out without slicin each other up?”
Alfred: “Mr. Eddie, we’re the law. Deputized to uphold the … uh. good naured traditions of this little town. I think. That’s why we’re fussing. Branding with rings is probably illegal.”
Eddie: “Y’re bein’ silly now!”
The Marshal: “Ralphie, you put it away now or I’ll plant you in the dirt myself.”
Eddie: “C’mon y’all, there’s no need for scrappin. Smarten up.”
The Marshal: Ralphie sheepishly puts his knife away and he and Jake start to walk away. Ralphie calls over his shoulder, “This ain’t over yet, you goddamn yankees!”
Eddie: “Y’lucky li’l man, that.”
Ulysses: “Nice to meet you too!”
Alfred: beaming with pride “Well now. That went remarkably well. Be barely had to lift a finger to get them to obey the laws.”
The Marshal: The young man turns to you and says, “Thanks. I’m sorry that almost got out of hand.”
Alfred: “I had thought we’d have much more trouble keeping such hooligans in line”
Ulysses: “What was that all about?”
The Marshal: “I’m Walter Jackson.”
Eddie: smiles and relaxes
Ulysses looks at the handbills scattered abpu
The Marshal: “Ah, nothing. He didn’t like my handbills.”
Ulysses: abput
Ulysses: about
The Marshal: The handbills are pro-union material, encouraging Kansans to support Washington.
Alfred: “Another person handing out flyers? Which establishment are you advertising for?”
Eddie: smiles pleased, at the newcomer
Ulysses: “The establishment of AMERICA
Eddie: smile widens
The Marshal: Walter smiles back. “I swore I’d never hurt another man again. I need to work more on that I guess. Had enough fighting in the war.”
Alfred: “Seems odd to advertise for that. We’re all citizens, I should think that makes it a moot point to try and sell it to us”
The Marshal: To Ulysess and Eddie “Your friend is interesting.”
Ulysses: “You either dumb or damn brave toting them Union bills to a bunch of Rebs”
Alfred: “Wait, that man disliked your handbill? Is he unamerican, Canadian or some such? I see, it becomes clear now why you were trying to convince him to immigrate. Perhaps you need a less pushy sales pitch? Here let me have a look at your flyer”
The Marshal: “Ah, they ain’t nothing next to a Confederate flamethrower platoon.”
Eddie: “Hang on, what’s the hangup here, anyway?”
Eddie: (( i think the term would be “royalist”, dear alfred ))
Ulysses: “Two good ways to end up in a pine box. You need to be more careful”
Eddie: “Wait y’all, this is Independence Day, ain’t it? Why the need for fuss?”
Alfred: “Hold on a second Mr. Ulysses, I think he can try and convince them to join our fine country. It’s our duty as law-men to be sure he is safe to do so. Isn’t that how it works?”
Alfred: “We might do well to have a chat with that fellow ourselves. It could well be he’s no right to be in this country at all”
Ulysses: “Well Eddie, them southern boys don’t exactly like a holiday for the north.”
The Marshal: “I’ll be careful, friends. Thanks for the help.” He tips his hat to Eddie, “Ma’am.”
The Marshal: And walks off with his handbills.
Eddie: “Well… that weren’t as expected.”
Ulysses: “I dunno Al, we’re supposed to keep the peace for the party. I don’t think we need to become full on spokesmen for the whole damn system”
Alfred: “Well… I can’t say. I’ll defer to your judgement on this matter Mr. Ulysses. As I said I’m a little unclear on the exact details”
Eddie: “Well… I unnerstand it’s kinda sensitive t’talk about all that but… someone was bein’ rough so that’s alright, right?”
Eddie: nods “I agree, Mister Ulysses seems most thoughtful.”
Ulysses: “Yea. Breakin up fights is what were supposed to do. That other stuff is a little our of our pay range I think”
Eddie: “An’ also, y’did an awful good job of breakin’ up that quarrel, jus’like’y’said!”
Eddie: smiles broadly
Ulysses: “Well, hopefully that’s how most of these incidents go. This may turn out to be easy money!”
Eddie: nods and smiles
Alfred: “You did say something about guns Ulysses. Should I get one, I don’t own a pistol at present. Just my flame device”
Ulysses: “Really? Then yea, we should see about that.”
Eddie: “A-ahh-ahh, Mister Alfred, I figre yr knowin’ is more’n enough.”
Eddie: “D’y’really wanna gun?”
Alfred: “No, as it happens I don’t. I’m not really a man of violence. Even having my flame device is somewhat uncomfortable. But it suffices for defense, I’d prefer just to use that, unless Ulysses think’s it important that I have a pistol as well”
Casey Garske: As you talk, you walk along the boardwalk.
Alias set to: The Marshal
Eddie: uneasy look, keeps quiet now
Ulysses: “Yea. It could be more dangerous than helpful until you’re taught proper how to use it. Maybe we wait until this job is over?”
The Marshal: As you approach an alley, you hear the sounds of a man and a woman arguing. You can’t make out what they are saying though.
Eddie: frowns suddenly
Alfred: “I say is that another quarrel. Let’s hope it goes as well as the last” Pulls out his star and holding it high turns to head down the alley"
The Marshal: You glance at the sounds of the voices and the man looks at you. “We’ll discuss this later,” he says and he walks away.
Eddie: “Hey now, what’s t’discuss later?”
Eddie: “HEY!”
The Marshal: The woman runs to cut you off before you can follow the man.
Eddie: flat look
The Marshal: “Hi, I’m Suzy. I work here at the Dog Eye Saloon.”
Alfred rolled (d4_Skill) : 1d4!>=4
0 succ. =

Alfred rolled (wild) : 1d6!>=4
0 succ. =

Ulysses: “Everything OK Ma’am?”
Ulysses rolled (Notice) : 1d6!>=4
1 succ. =

Ulysses rolled (wild) : 1d6!>=4
0 succ. =

Eddie rolled : 1d6!>=4
1 succ. =

Eddie rolled : 1d6!>=4
1 succ. =

Ulysses tips cap
The Marshal: Its pretty obvious to Eddie and Ulysses that she’s a “working girl.”
Ulysses puts hat back
Eddie: “Hey now Miss, what was his pain now, huh?”
The Marshal: “Oh, he’s just looking for a discount.”
Eddie: “I figger someone don’t yell for that, y’sure?”
The Marshal: “Absolutely. You boys should come and find me later if you’re looking for some fun.”
Eddie: frowns deeply
→ Alison Ziesel: Eddie could tell that the man she was arguing with was very well dressed and would have to be quite the penny-pincher to worry about the cost of a prostitute.
Ulysses: ((A story as old as the hills…Boy meets girl…Girl demands payment…Boy flashes badge…Girl offers Discount))
Eddie: “Miss Suzy, y’know that feller? I mean from before?”
Alfred: harrumphs “I assure you ma’am, that deputies haven’t the time for fun. Though I can’t say for certain if that extends to our off hours or not. Probably not”
Eddie: frowns even deeper
The Marshal: “From before what?”
Eddie: “Heh, y’know, I mean, y’prolly upset. I mean from before this day, y’know.”
The Marshal: “Oh, never mind him. Just a cheapskate. He’ll come around to my way of thinking.”
Alfred: nods and pulls out a handkerchief to wipe his star “I think our work here is done. Come now good fellows, there are more citizens to protect.”
Eddie: “An’ how’s that, Miss Suzy? I mean, maybe y’know a thing or two ‘bout how folks’ll be here, on Independence Day an’all.”
Ulysses: “OK. Hey, you see anything unusual lately? I mean, not, you know..Outside like?” Blushes
Ulysses: ((You come across any crooked fellers?))
The Marshal: “Oh, there’s some characters around, that’s for sure. Business is busy, but believe me, I’ve seen it all.”
Eddie: frowns, with a judgementally pitying look
The Marshal: “Well, if there’s nothing else, gentlemen, I’ll be off. Hopefully see you boys later…” and she saunters off.
Ulysses: “Well have a nice day then.”
Eddie: disappointed look, unlatches the crossed arms
Eddie: “Look, I know we’re here for trouble but… that seems pretty sad, don’t it? He seemed an ass.”
Alfred: “I’d say we scared him off. Isn’t that what we’re charged to do?”
Ulysses: “What do ye mean sad?”
Eddie: “Ehh.”
Eddie: “Anyway. Is there any dumb feller here with a gun out, huh?”
Alfred: “I should hope not Eddie”
Eddie: slight smile
Eddie: “So, what’s life like here, anyway? I mean when it ain’t festival time an’ all.”
Ulysses: “I never been to the city before. Towns I’m more familiar with are much smaller”
Eddie: “Heh, me too.”’
Ulysses: “Mostly simple farm folk and some ranchers”
Alfred: “This is a city? Hmmph. Barely holds a candle to Boston. This town would be merely a district in that mighty city”
Eddie: “Hah, Mister Ulysses, I dunno why you left all that, it sounds so great. But here we are, patrollin’ for trouble an’ all.”
Alfred: “There are reasons for leaving any place.”
Eddie: sighs “I s’pose.”
Ulysses: “Really? Wow. I head about those big cities back east like New York but I can imagine what that must be like.”
The Marshal: A bit later, the street dance starts. Wyatt Earp stops by and tells you to just watch the edges of the festivities, looking for trouble. The dance is peaceful and the music is good. You saw more action this afternoon than you do all night. The dance starts to break up around 11:30.
Eddie: relaxed and entertained
The Marshal: Then you hear a horrible scream come from the second floor of the Dog Eye!
The Marshal: “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Eddie: “DANG IT”
Ulysses: “Lets roll!”
Alfred: “What? That sounds like more than party noises. .. I see you all agree”
Alfred pulls out his badge and holding it up heads for the door
Eddie: starts running towards undeniable trouble
The Marshal: You hear another scream from the room straight ahead.
Ulysses runs
Alfred: “Agents of the law! Troublemakers, ruffians, and bounders.. step out into the hall in a peaceful civilized manner to be arrested”
Eddie: “Dang it, just lip it up…”
The Marshal: “AAAAAAHH!!!!”
Eddie: (( i hear a toilet flushing ))
Ulysses: “Make way AL!” knocks down door(
Eddie: “Aw hell!” rushes as well
Alfred: “Careful there Ulysses… we’re not to cause wanton destruction here, our job is to prevent it”
Eddie rolled : 1d6!>=4
1 succ. =

The Marshal: The lock on the door breaks and Eddie stumbles into the room. Suzy stands there, half dressed and covered in blood. On the bed is a body…it’s arms and head cut off.
Ulysses: “What the what?”
Eddie rolled : 1d4
3 =

Eddie rolled : 1d4>4
0 succ. =

Eddie rolled : 1d6!>=4
1 succ. =

The Marshal: Eddie throws up immediately upon seeing the scene.
Alfred: “Eddie! Are you alright? What is going on in there! I warn you we’re agents of the law. If you are acting in some deviant way it is our duty to put a stop to it!”
Eddie: “Urrrrgrah….”
Ulysses: “Miss Suzy?! What happened here?”
The Marshal: She just keeps screaming.
Ulysses rolled (Notice) : 1d6!>=4
1 succ. =

Ulysses rolled (wild) : 1d6!>=4
1 succ. =

Alfred rolled (wild) : 1d6!>=4
1 succ. =

Alfred rolled (d4_Skill) : 1d4!>=4
0 succ. =

Eddie rolled : 1d6!>=4
0 succ. =

Alfred: “well… I… Miss Suzy… what happened here? How did this man come to…. be like… this?”
Eddie rolled : 1d6>=4
0 succ. =

Ulysses: (Looks like he got the “half off” discount)
→ James LaManna: Ulysses notices that the window is broken but there is no glass on the floor indicating the window broke by something going out.
Ulysses quickly looks out the window
The Marshal: Suzy is incoherent. She just sobs and points at the body on the bed.
Ulysses: “Who else was in here with you?”
The Marshal: Ulysses doesn’t see anything but the alley.
Alfred with trembling hands Alfred will step forward and check the man for signs of life
Eddie: “Mother of God…”
The Marshal: Alfred goes to take a pulse, but can’t find wrists or a carotid artery to take it with.
Eddie: “Awww hells what even happened here?!?”
The Marshal: Eddie and Alfred realize that the arms and head are not only chopped off, they are gone.
Alfred: “erm… I think that… this man … is dead. We seem to have a murder to solve.”
Eddie: “Well these ehhhhhh… bits aint’ve gone too far!”
Ulysses: “Wait here everyone” Ulysses rushes outside below the window
Alfred rolled (d6_Skill) : 1d6!>=4
1 succ. =

Alfred rolled (wild) : 1d6!>=4
1 succ. =

Eddie: “Upstairs, downstairs, outstairs, what!”
Eddie: moves towards Miss Suzy in a reassuring posture
Eddie: “Look, look Miss…. y’gotta calm down an’breathe an’tell us what y’saw, got it…?”
→ Jason Beighel: You can tell that the cuts are very clean, the blade used must have been exceptionally sharp. The killer also would have needed to be very strong to cut through joints. And the cuts are very precise and located at exact joints, not just hacking at the middle of the limb.
→ James LaManna: No one is in the alley. There is glass on the ground below the window, but nothing seems to have been thrown through the window.
Alfred: “Uh… Eddie, see .. uhm.. see if you can’t find any, weapons… blades and the like… on her. I mean, she is.. she is our only suspect, err witness. I’m not really sure. But we ought to at least check”
The Marshal: As Eddie comforts Suzy, she becomes catatonic. Just staring into space and shivering.
→ James LaManna: OK Back Upstairs then
Eddie: “Check y’self surely, Mister Alfred! This poor girl, in her poor job..”
Alfred: “I’m not saying it’s polite, but our … duty… we have to prosecute this matter. Than means, you know… checkign for clues… motives and those things”
Eddie: hugs Suzy closer, whispering soothing sounds
Eddie: looks hard at Alfred “She ain’t in no condition to talk just now, y’be kind, now.”
Ulysses: “Did she say what happened?”
Alfred: “We don’t need to ask… just …. waht is it? A pat down? So long as she’s not armed is all. This man… his… his parts … weren’t torn off. Tools were used”
Eddie: “Shhh….”
→ James LaManna: Ulysses also notices a piece of torn fabric on the broken glass. A patch of white silk.
Eddie rolled : 1d6!>=4
0 succ. =

→ James LaManna: I take it and examine it closer
Eddie rolled : 1d6!>=4
1 succ. =

→ Alison Ziesel: You do notice she’s still fully clothed. And so is the body. Haven’t even taken their shoes off.
Eddie: “Shhussh!”
Eddie: “Look, she ain’t even…. ughhh… started her work with this feller! So there!”
→ James LaManna: just a white scrap of silk.
Eddie: “This poor gal jus’ got here!”
Alfred takes off his coat and holds it out for Suzy. “No reason you shouldn’t be decent. Wrap it around her at least.”
Eddie: squeezes Suzy more tightly
→ James LaManna: could it have come from Suzy or the body?
Ulysses rolled (Notice) : 1d6!>=4
1 succ. =

Ulysses rolled (wild) : 1d6!>=4
0 succ. =

→ James LaManna: You find a slit in the inside of the man’s coat. Inside is a letter.
Eddie: gives the others a baleful look while crushing Suzy in a bearhug
Ulysses pulls a letter from a hidden pocket in the mans jacket
Ulysses: “What we got here?” reads it
Eddie: cradles Suzy
The Marshal: The letter reveals the man, Paul Goodwin, is a Union spy. It requests the citizen the letter is presented to to extend him every courtesy.
Eddie: tightens grip on Suzy
Alfred: “Well, we’ve another clue. Do you suppose that rebel chap had something to do with this?”
Eddie: shakes Suzy “Hey hon, wake up, wake up!”
Ulysses: “Could be. He werent much of a spy if everyone knew about it though…”
The Marshal: And as Ulysses reads the letter out loud, yelling and shouting and screaming erupts from outside.

Chat Log 12-27-12

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