Chat Log 12-12-12

Casey Garske: You arrive in the area of town that Wyatt Earp directed you to and check in at the Dog’s Eye Saloon and hotel.
Alias set to: The Marshal
Tom Gintner rolled on table: Card_Deck
7The Marshal: Nearby is a booth for the Lady’s Temperance League.
Alfred: looks to Kuruk and Ulysses “And… what do we do here? Just loiter about and wait for someone to start trouble?”
Ulysses: “Yea. Somehow always finds us though, don’t it.”
Alfred: “It does seem that way. I should imagine it will be rather peacable here though. The festivities will no doubt hold everyone’s attention”
The Marshal: The woman at the booth walks up to you and says, “Do you men plan to walk into that den of sin?”
The Marshal: She holds out a handbill to you.
Ulysses takes the flyer
Alfred: “Den of sin? I had thought this was the Dog’s Eye…. Ulysses have you brought us to the wrong place?”
Bear: “No Mam”
The Marshal: “Alcohol is responsible for more evil in this world than all other sins!”
The Marshal: She says to Kuruk, “Good for you, young man. Your people have a terrible time with the drink.”
The Marshal: She hands bills to Ulysses and Alfred as well. The look in her eyes is almost daring you not to take them.
Alfred: “I’m glad you caught us first ma’am. Perhaps you can direct us to the correct inn then. Apparently our directions were incorrect”
The Marshal: “You won’t find a hotel in this hive of scum and villainy that doesn’t serve the devil’s drink.”
Ulysses: “Umm, this here is the place Perfesser”
Bear: “That is why we shall sleep in the wild under the stars”
The Marshal: “The wilderness is the devil’s playground. He and his worshippers cavort there.”
Alfred: “She said it wasn’t. Though honestly I care not what liquors they stock, so long as the linens are clean and the pillows soft.” Holds out the flyer and skims over it
Ulysses: “We aint here to cause no evil ma’am. We’re deputized to keep the peace around these parts for the festival”
The Marshal: The flyer is filled with dubious statistics about alcohol use and bible verses.
The Marshal: “Well, young man, you’ve got your work cut out for you then. The city is filling with sinners!”
Alfred: “Ma’am this doesn’t seem to say anything about the hotel. I don’t see how this would entice prospective customers at all.”
Ulysses: “Well, those who cast the first stone and all that.”
The Marshal: “I will cast that first stone!”
The Marshal: “And another and another! Until the sin is purged from the earth!”
Alfred: “Stone? Come come now, let’s be civilized, I’m sure they have dice tables inside. Though I had thought poker was more the favored past time in this region”
Ulysses: “Well, ye best have a lot o stones”
The Marshal: “So you’re a gambler, are you? Cards and drink! Hand in hand with SATAN!”
Bear: “Can we go now?”
Ulysses: “What do you do for fun then?”
The Marshal: “You’ll burn in hell, you hear me? Stay away from drink! Stay away from cards and loose women!”
Alfred: “What? Satan? Oh I see now you are against this establishment. I thought you were here to offer a sales pitch, which yo uwere doing a very poor job of that I can assure you. THough that may have been your attempt…”
Bear rolled (wild) : 1d6!>=4
1 succ. =

Bear rolled (notice) : 1d6!>=4
1 succ. =

Ulysses rolled (Notice) : 1d6!>=4
0 succ. =

Ulysses rolled (wild) : 1d6!>=4
0 succ. =

Alfred rolled (d4_Skill) : 1d4!>=4
0 succ. =

Alfred rolled (wild) : 1d6!>=4
1 succ. =

The Marshal: “Advertise for a den of iniquity such as this? How dare you!”
Bear: “She is right. Lets move forward and stop these atrocities. Mam, you best run along so you don’t get hurt when we bring this place down.”
Alfred: “Well I’m afraid we have some business to attend. And I for one would like to drop my bag in a room. Ma’am I’ve no idea what ill will you harbor free enterprise, but I shall have no part in it. I bid you good day” He hands her back the flyer
The Marshal: “Keep it, trash.”
The Marshal: She walks back to her booth and accosts some other passerby.[
Ulysses throws the flyer out into the street
Ulysses: “I suddenly feel like a drink. What do ye say fellas?”
Alfred: “I would agree, I’m a bit parched. This dusty air simply does not agree with me”
The Marshal: Also in the area are a doctor’s office, the office of the Dodge City Times, The First Bank of Dodge, and Kennely’s Restaurant.
The Marshal: “Greetings, fellas! One on the house for dealing with Ida Mae?”
The Marshal: Says the barkeep.
Alfred: “Well now, that’s a fine offer sir. I’ll have a brandy”
Ulysses: “Much obliged!”
Ulysses: “Whats the festivities going to be here tonight?”
The Marshal: “Not at all, not at all. She’s driving away my business! But she’s got a permit for her booth, so I suppose I’ve got to put up with it…”
Alfred: “I should think you’d have some rights in the matter. After all she’s spouting slander as I see it. As I recall there are laws against such things”
The Marshal: “Tonight there is music and a dance! Tomorrow’s big event is the horse race, and then the big fireworks show on the 4th!”
Ulysses: “You expecting any kind of trouble? Outside the usual drunken foolery of course.”
Alfred: “He did mention that wretches sales lady… the one handing out flyers”
The Marshal: “Well, I’m a yankee myself, and so I’m looking forward to the festivities.”
The Marshal: “Others of a more southern persuasion are not taking too kindly.”
Ulysses: “I cant see her causin much trouble, maybe talkin someones are off.”
The Marshal: “Marshal Masterson and Deputy Earp thought it best to bring in help. Which I see you fine gentlemen are.”
Ulysses: “Do you have many southerners staying here this week?”
Ulysses finishes his beer and orders one more
The Marshal: "Here? Ah, no. Most of the confederates stay on the other side of town near the Black River rail line.
Alfred: “Excellent. We should have a quiet night of it here… actually, where will this dance take place? Hopefully it will draw everyone’s attention”
The Marshal: As Ulysses orders his second beer, an obviously drunk man in tattered clothes stumbles in.
Bear: looks around not really interested in the white man talk.
Bear rolled (notice) : 1d6!>=4
0 succ. =

Bear rolled (wild) : 1d6!>=4
1 succ. =

The Marshal: “Pardon me…” he slurs, “Can you spare some change for a drink?”
Ulysses: “Any prominent Rebs that are permanent residences here that might want to disrupt the festivities?”
The Marshal: Kuruk thinks everything looks exactly as it appears.
Ulysses: “That nice lady outside was givin out change for listening to her sales pitch.”
Bear: kuruk thinks to himself….just a bunch of drunk southern hicks and snooty norther idiots
The Marshal: He belches in Ulysses face, “A fine jest sir! I met her aquintence already. She is a ferocious old bearcat.”
Alfred: “Ulysses, do you really think these southerners would make themselves known? After all the sheriff seemed to think their aim was trouble”
The Marshal: “I will gladly pay you back for a drink after my check arrives on the train. To be drawn from the First Bank of Dodge. It should be here tomorrow.”
Ulysses: “He he!” Ulysses produces a coin from his pocket. “Maybe you should have some food first?”
The Marshal: The barkeep says, “There is a confederate gang about, the Wilderness Raiders.”
The Marshal: “They’ve stayed out of the Marshal’s way so far.”
Alfred: “Though I can’t understand what’d they’d have against a party. Besides, wasn’t the 4th of July to celebrate our liberation from Europe? Not their loss in the Civil War”
The Marshal: The drunk say, “I think I will do that! Thank you kindly, sir. And I will pay you back your kindness! Clayton Mansfield is my name.” And he holds out a filthy hand.
Ulysses shakes his hand and wpies it on his trousers
Ulysses: “What check are you expecting? Were you here doing some kind of work?”
The Marshal: “A check from some family back east. I am on an adventure of exploration of the west! Much obliged for the loan!” he takes the coin and staggers across the street. He looks at the restaurant before heading into a different saloon.
The Marshal: The Barkeep says, “Ah, February 4th is the Confederate independence holiday. They don’t tatke a shine to July 4th anymore.”
Alfred: asks the barkeep “I assume you’ve had some interaction with these southern ruffians. Is there any meritt to these rumors? Are they really so eager to cause a problem?”
Ulysses: “So how do you spot one of these ‘Wilderness Raiders’?”
The Marshal: “They might start a fight or something, but I doubt they’d do anything too bad. Deputy Earp would clean their clocks.”
Alfred: "Hardly seems like he had a need for so many deputies then. Ah well, better safer than sorry I suppose. Can’t blame the man for being cautious
The Marshal: “The Raiders don’t wear a uniform if you know what I mean. They’ve done some guerilla fightin’ and such when the war was hotter. Most of ’em are deserters from the confederate army anyway.”
Ulysses goes back to his drink
Alfred: “I suppose all the other businesses, those not selling drinks anyway, will be closed and locked up tight during the party? After all it is well past normal business hours”
The Marshal: “I will be open, that’s for sure. Others will probably want to be at the party, that’s for sure.”
Ulysses: “Say barkeep, do you have a copy of that newspaper?… what was it, the Times?”
The Marshal: “Uh, I think I’ve got a copy from a couple days ago…yeah, here.” and he hands you a copy.
Alfred: “Street brawls then. Shouldn’t be too hard. Though I’ll be of little use in separating the combatants. I guess I can perch on a balcony and call out the brawls as they form”
Ulysses scans the paper for anything noteworthy
The Marshal: Most news is about the upcoming celebration.
The Marshal: There is a small item about some missing farmers south of the city. Empty farmsteads.
Ulysses: “An eye in the sky, huh? Better you than me. Aint no way I’m hanging off no balcony” shudders

Chat Log 12-12-12

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