Chat Log 1-23-13

Ulysses: Howdie
Ulysses rolled (Shooting) : 1d10!>=4
1 succ. =

Ulysses rolled (wild) : 1d6!>=4
0 succ. =

Alias set to: The Marshal
Eddie: (( ohhhh sweet catbutt boy ))
Alfred holds up his tin star as he exits the inn “Officers of the law! Whos’ making this ruckus? Step forward”
The Marshal: You rush down the stairs and into the street where you see a small crowd standing.
Ulysses: ’
The Marshal: Ralphie Simpkins stands over Walter. Then he brings his foot down on his arm and crushes it. Walter screams in pain.
Eddie looks nervous, looking up the stairs several times
Ulysses: “what the he ell is goin on here!?”
Eddie: “HEY NOW that ain’t right!”
The Marshal: Ralphie says, “Yeah, you gonna stop me?”
Eddie: “Well…. maybe!”
Ulysses draws his gunS
Alfred: “Indeed we are sir! It’s our job to stop such shenanigans. It’d be much better were you to meekly come with us.”
Eddie: “We’re all deputized, y’know!”
Alfred seeing Ulysses drawing weapons, Alfred keeps holding up his star but fumbles with his straps trying to pull one of his devices to the ready
Alfred rolled : 1d2
2 =

The Marshal: Jake Simpkins and some other Wilderness Raiders saunter up.
Eddie clears throat “C’mon now, don’t be like that.”
The Marshal: “Hold on now there, deputies, Ralphie was jest defendin’ himself.”
Ulysses fires a warning shot into the air
Ulysses: ’
Eddie: “Ohhhhhh dang….”
Ulysses: "hold it now!’
The Marshal: All the Wilderness Raiders hands go to their guns, but Jake puts his hand up to halt them.
Eddie: “C’mon y’all now, we can jus’ set an’ not fret, right?”
Alfred: taking a trembling step back Alfred says “I … I … I don’t want to use this… but I will.. I’ve done it before…. I can… do it again. Warning you” he thrusts forward is star again
Ulysses: “Whats the meaning if this fight?”
The Marshal: Seeing whatever it is that Alfred is holding makes Jake pause for a second.
Eddie: “Oooookay so, y’all can’ jes…. jes, deep breaths, ’kay?”
Ulysses: “Jake, you want to reign in that brother of yours?”
The Marshal: “Ralphie was just minding his manners when this here Yankee up and punched him in the face unprovoked.”
Alfred: “His manners? Strange manners indeed to stomp on a poor man’s arm as he did.”
Eddie: “Deep breaths.”
Eddie: looks worriedly back at the room where the body was…
Ulysses: “We dont want no trouble out in the street tonight. We’ll deal with Walter from here on in. Have your men stand down!”
Eddie: patience clearly breaking “Look, there’ll be no thuggery here, ‘cause we’re helpin’ out the law!”
The Marshal: While you’re discussing with Jake, Clayton stumbles into the street, falls down by Walter, sets his arm break, and then stands up and says, “broken arm. Needed setting…” and belches loudly.
Eddie: sighs slowly
Alfred gestures with his star at Clayton “Step back sir. The deputies will handle this. I’ll see to his arm in a moment”
Eddie: “Well then….” adopts a posture more appropriate for helping the injured..
The Marshal: Then Ida Mae walks up and gets in Jake’s face, saying, “You are a liar! Your brother started the fight unprovoked!”
Alfred: “You men back away from Rlalph. Let me in there to have a look” Alfred won’t step forward but will watch the other two
Ulysses: “We will deal with Walter. Jake, get Ralph out of here”
Eddie: clenches teeth, continues to try to mend that broken arm
Eddie: “Y’all jus’ take a deep breath now…. relax an’ that…”
The Marshal: Jake says, “I don’t have to listen to no woman!” and pushes her. She runs into Clayton and they both stumble and fall into a horse trough.
Eddie: winces
Alfred: “That’s good. Clear some space. Jake and you brigands step out as well”
The Marshal: Then a gunshot goes off and Wyatt Earp says, “Jake and Ralphie, get the hell out of here!”
Eddie: “Lookit y’all, we’re here to make peace. MAKE it, not break it.”
Eddie: smiles at everyone gathered, making reassuring gestures
The Marshal: The Raiders somewhat meekly back off. “This ain’t over!” Ralphie yells as they walk away.
Eddie: exhales slowly
The Marshal: Wyatt say, “Well, busy night?”
Ulysses: “You better go Jake, the sheriff aint gonna out up with this nonsense”
Alfred: When the raiders leave alfred will step forward and try to splint Ralph’s arm
Alfred rolled (d4_Skill) : 1d4!>=4
0 succ. =

Alfred rolled (wild) : 1d6!>=4
0 succ. =

Eddie: looks back up at where the room with the maimed body was…
Alfred rolled (d4_Skill) : 1d4!>=4
1 succ. =

Alfred rolled (wild) : 1d6!>=4
1 succ. =

→ Jason Beighel: Alfred notices that the bone has been expertly set.
Eddie: exhales thoroughly again
→ Jason Beighel: just set? it’s still broken, just put in the right place?
The Marshal: Walter say, “I’m alright. I’ll head to the doc.”
→ Jason Beighel: yep.
Ulysses: “Sheriff, glad you showed up.”
Alfred: “Here now before you go, let me wrap that with a few sticks. Just to be sure it doesn’t fall out of place”
The Marshal: Wyatt says, “I hear we’ve had a murder.”
Alfred: “Murder? No no, just a bit of a scuffle. Broken arm is all”
Eddie: smiles at the benevolent act of Alfred
Ulysses: “Yea, upstairs in the Dog’s Eye. Real nasty piece of work.”
Eddie: “Ahem.. we’re good t’be helpin’ folks but…”
Ulysses gives Alfred a confused look
Alfred: “What? oh that headless fellow. Forgot about that. Dreadful thing. There was a suspect, or witness… I dunno a lady was there when it happened.”
Ulysses: “Yea, the girl the dead guy was with was real shook up. We left her with the lady of the place and had to run out here to break up this scuffle”
Eddie: nervous smile “So… err… things’ve happened…”
The Marshal: Wyatt says, “I’m going to have a look and get the undertaker over here. You all should get some rest and we’ll talk in my office at 10:00 in the morning.”
Eddie: surprised look
The Marshal: “Not much more we can do tonight.”
Alfred: “So… we’re off duty then? Glad to hear. This night was getting a might bit hectic”
Eddie: “There’s a… err, a corpse here, I mean, a sainted body…”
Ulysses: “Yea, when we signed up I thougt we’d be dealing with drunks and the occasional gambling dispute. I’d no idea things were so eventful in the big city.”
Eddie: overwhelmed “I mean, there’s just there…”
Eddie: “Over there, a, err, ahh…”
Alfred: “What of that lady? She wouldn’t speak a word of what happened. Should we uhm…. well eventually it might be useful to get her account of things.”
Ulysses: “You haven’t had any other folks end up lackin a head lately have ye?”
Eddie: “Ahh, err, yes, but… aeeerrhhh….” hands go to temples
Alfred: “Or perhaps with an extra head? Maybe some arms. I’m not sure if we mentioned, the fellow inside was short some of those”
The Marshal: “I’ll take Suzy to the Doc’s. Let her get some rest too. You can talk to her tomorrow.”
The Marshal: “And no, I ain’t heard of anyone missing their heads.”
Eddie: “Ehrr welll then…”
Ulysses: “Sure thing sheriff. We be over in the morning.”
→ Alison Ziesel: You may have forgotten, but the horse race that attracted you to Dodge is tomorrow as well.
Ulysses: “We’ll wait with the body until the ‘taker gets here and then we’ll turn in.”
Alfred looks at his star confused for a moment, then tentatively holds it out to Wyatt as if to give it back. When Eddie and Ulysses keep there’s he sheepishly smiles and pockets the tin
→ Alison Ziesel: tyvm
The Marshal: You wait for the undertaker, who arrives and helps carry the armless body out and put it in his cart.
Ulysses turns to head back into the Dog’s Eye
Eddie: uneasy look back towards the body’s lounge, and to the others
Eddie: “Look y’all… were really signed up for this?”
Eddie: “I mean…. limbs lopped off bodies an’ all…”
Alfred: “I think that we did. It might be worth filing a complaint with the man that hired us. I don’t recall any of this in the job description he offered”
Eddie: “I, well… I jus’ kinda wanna race…”
Eddie: worried look at Alfred
Ulysses: “I wonder why the sheriff wants to wait until the morning? If there is a murderer on the run, we just gave him a head start.”
Ulysses: “Yea, when we signed up I thougt we’d be dealing with drunks and the occasional gambling dispute. I’d no idea things were so eventful in the big city.”
Alfred: “We best react quicker tomorrow, or whenever our next shift is. Too much more mayhem like this and you might not have a race”
Eddie: looks at Ulysses uncertainly
Alfred: “Is it unusual for an investigation to wait like this? I’m unfamiliar with the detecting business”
Eddie: “Well, whaddy’think y’all can do…”
Ulysses: “G’d night Eddie, Al, see ye at breakfast”
Ulysses heads to his room
Eddie: exhales slowly “So… we’re gonna leave that feller’s body t’jus’…. yeah.”
The Marshal: In the morning, a boy shows up to escort you to Wyatt’s office.
Eddie: spends an anxious night
Alfred rolled : 1d10
4 =

The Marshal: Wyatt greets you when you get to his office.
Eddie: smiles, looking presentable
Ulysses finises his breakfast, makes sure his guns are loaded and clean, makes sure the others are ready and heads out
Alfred grabs a few slices of toast for breakfast, and a glass of water before agreeing to follow the boy.
Eddie: “Ehhh now, so… I have t’admit that that dead body an’ all, but…. I gotta race t’attend…”
The Marshal: “You’ll make your race, Miss Eddie.”
Eddie: smiles uneasily “Y’guys…. we should, y’know, about that poor feller…”
The Marshal: “So, a murder on your territory and a near riot…”
Alfred: “Not to worry Sherriff. We were on the scene quickly to take charge of the situation”
Ulysses: “Yea, when we signed up I thougt we’d be dealing with drunks and the occasional gambling dispute. I’d no idea things were so eventful in the big city.”
The Marshal: “Now, you couldn’t do much about the murder, but don’t go getting drawn into a gunfight with the Wilderness Raiders.”
Eddie: “The who now?”
Ulysses: “We aint startin no gunfights…”
Eddie: vehement nod
Alfred: “I don’t recall any gun fight. Did I perhaps miss the shootout? I’m fairly ceratin I was with you the whole shift…”
The Marshal: Wyatt rolls his eyes.
Eddie: "Mister we ain’t tryin’ t
Ulysses: “Hes talking could ofs and what ifs, Al”
The Marshal: “Now, about the murder. This man Paul Goodwin was a Union spy. My favorite kind: discrete.”
Alfred: “Well he’s still mistaken. I couldn’t possibly participate in a gunfight. I don’t own a pistol”
Eddie: “Mister, we ain’t tryin’ t’fool ya. We saw a couple fellers brawlin’ last night after we found, ah,,, well, a corpse.”
Ulysses: “Is there any other powder kegs you maybe should warn us about?”
Eddie: blanches at the mention of spies
The Marshal: “No, but this murder could be a powder keg. We need it solved before word of how it was done gets out. We don’t want a panic.”
Eddie: “Ooooh dang…”
Ulysses: “Do you want us to look into the murder?”
Alfred: “So it’s known hw it was done then? That’s excellent news, I was a bit baffled at how the man was cut apart so cleanly. I could find no tools at the scene”
The Marshal: “Yes I do. There’s a big bonus in it for you if you can get it solved quickly AND quietly.”
Eddie: long side-eye at Alfred
Ulysses gives Alfred a confused look
The Marshal Wyatt seems to just ignore everything Alfred says now.
Ulysses: “Well i guess we aint got nuthin better to do until the evening anyways”
Eddie: “Err, so, excuse me, but… ahem…. those fellers, yahh?”
Alfred: “There was that race Ulysses. You weren’t going to cheer on Mr. Eddie?”
The Marshal: “I want you to make some inquiries. See what you can find out.”
The Marshal: “Which fellers, Miss Eddie?”
Eddie: “Err, wait umm… eh heh, sorry!”
Ulysses: “Any leads you can think of Sheriff?”
Ulysses: “Sorry, was the race today?”
Eddie: “Well t’be honest y’all, yeppers, I wanted t’run the race. Me an’ Posie.”
Eddie: “But this murderin’ business…”
The Marshal: “You can try talking to Miss Suzy. She’s at the Doc’s office. I don’t know if she’s still catatonic or not.”
Eddie: horrified at the thought of questioning a catatonic woman for a race ticket
The Marshal: “Eddie, run your race. People talk at horse races. Keep yer ears open.”
Eddie: “But…. wait, what?”
Eddie: “What’s’this got about that murder?”
Ulysses: “We could talk to suzy now and the rest of us can gather some into at the race while we cheer Eddie on. Sound like a plan?”
The Marshal: “People talk is all.”
Alfred: "While we’re at the doc’s office we might talk with that fellow with teh broken arm… Ralph was it, or Jake perhaps? Clearly he was near the dog’s eye, perhaps he saw what broke the window
Eddie: “Errr… what, but, well….”
Eddie: “I mean, I will, but….”
Alfred: “Perhaps with some daylight the scene of the … err murder, might reveal something as well. We’ve a few places to visit today. Best we get started”
Eddie: “Are y’sure?”
The Marshal: Wyatt agrees, “Yep. Get out there. Solve the murder.”
Alfred: ((You guys will be playing all manner of games and checking out all the upcoming games. Alison will be outside sampling the food trucks.))
The Marshal: The posse heads to the Doc’s office.
The Marshal: The Doc says, “I don’t know that Suzy is up for answering any questions…”
Alfred: “Oh? HOw has she been?”
Ulysses: “Has she said anything?”
The Marshal: “Hysterical, mostly. She’s calmed down now, barely.”
Eddie: fidgety, worried about the corpse upstairs
Alfred: “We may as well try, that is if it’s ok to see her?”
Ulysses: “Maybe just a quick chat then?”
Eddie: “Honestly y’all, that poor girl..”
Ulysses: “Woul it help if we all dont go in?”
Eddie: “Jus’ be gentle can’ya?”
The Marshal: The Doc relents, “Yes, maybe if it was just one or two of you. Try not to upset her.”
Bear: We can do that
Bear: we are very sensative
Ulysses: “Maybe you can ask her what happened without panickin her, Eddie?”
Eddie: firm look
Alfred: “Perhaps Eddie you can speak with her? You seem to know how best to handle folks in this condition. I’ll admit that I’m unsure how to treat them”
Eddie: “Well… maybe you an’ me, Mister Ulysses.”
Eddie: “C’mon now.”
Ulysses: “Uh, i guess. May..”
Eddie: smiles
Ulysses gets pulled inside
Eddie: “C’mon now, Miss… we ain’t gonna hurt ya…”
The Marshal: The doc says, “Alright. Be gentle.”
Ulysses hat in hand
The Marshal: Suzy sits on a bed, staring blankly at the wall.
Ulysses all sheepish like
Eddie: “Well now.. I’m so sorry t’be meetin’ y’like this…”
Ulysses: Whispers to Eddie "Well go on.. Talk to her:
Eddie: “Maybe y’could tell us a bit about what y’saw…. jus’ a bit…”
The Marshal: She doesn’t make eye contact.
Eddie: smiles encouragingly at Ulysess
Ulysses looks at the floor mostly but occasionally peeks up at her
Alfred: ((If they are in there a while, Alfred will ask the doc if he can borrow the corpse. Things seem to be going well so perhaps she can pantomime how the crime was committed))
Eddie: “I’m so, so sorry ma’am..”
Eddie rolled : 1d4-2
1 =

Eddie rolled : 1d6
2 =

The Marshal: The Doc says, “The corpse is at the undertaker’s.”
Eddie: “Ohhh geesh… ma’am, I unnerstan’ y’ve been through a rough time…”
The Marshal: Eddie awkwardly pats her on the shoulder and Suzy screams, “NO, PAUL! THE KNIFE!”
The Marshal: And then starts sobbing uncontrollably.
Eddie: rears back with hands upheld
Ulysses: “Paul?”
Ulysses: “Oh, that Paul.”
The Marshal: The doctor comes in and says, “I think you should leave now.”
Eddie: uneasy look “So well then…”
Ulysses: “If that was his REAL name…”
Eddie: “Ah hah, maybe sure mister…”
Ulysses looks uneasy with the crying
The Marshal: “Now, please,” the Doc says.
Eddie: “Look y’all… this story’s pretty tangled.”
Ulysses: Whisper to Eddie “Can you do somthin for her?”
Eddie: blinks at Ulysses
Alfred: “Was she able to tell you anything? There’s quite a bit she ought to know what will help us”
Eddie: “Honestly, Mister Alfred…”
Eddie: "Jus’ try an’ imagine yourself in her shoes….
Alfred: “well that was your objective in there… did she say anything?”
Ulysses: “Not a good idea Eddie”
Eddie: uncertain look
Ulysses: “She said nothing Al, just screamed when we approached her”
Alfred: “Oh. So gentleness didn’t help. Kuruk, would you like a go with her then?”
Ulysses: “NO, PAUL! THE KNIFE!”
Eddie: “Honestly y’all, I’m jus’ here t’race…”
Eddie: wide-eyed o_O
Eddie: “Mister Ulysses, c’mon…”
Ulysses: “What kind of knife can lop off a head and sever an arm?”
Alfred: “Doctor, there was another fellow brought here last night. Dark man with a broken arm?”
The Marshal: “Walter? Nice young man. I didn’t have to do anything but wrap his arm in plaster and give him a sling. The bone was already set.”
Alfred: “Oh any number of knives, though most would take quite a bit of sawing to accomplish it. I doubt that’s how this was done, the cuts were very clean”
Alfred: “I did notice that. Very fortunate that it broke and held itself in a good spot. So he’s gone home already then?”
The Marshal: “Yes, I released him last night.”
Alfred: “Well it’ll be tough to track him down now I suppose. No matter, I don’t think he was involved in the murder anyhow. Thank you for you time doctor”
Ulysses: “To the race now?”
Eddie: “Errrrr what? Really?”
The Marshal: It gets to be race time. You go pick up Posie and head to the starting line at the edge of town.
Eddie: puzzling about what just happened
Eddie: “Wish me luck y’all!!!”
The Marshal: The other racers are gathering around. Including Ralphie Simpkins, the hot-headed Wilderness Raider.
Ulysses: “Go get em Eddie!”
Eddie rolled : 1d12+2
6 =

Bear: Run the a buffalo in the wind
Bear: Run like a buffalo in the wind
Alfred: “Good luck to you Eddie.”
The Marshal: Ralphie looks at Eddie on the starting line, “You! Ah’m gonna kick your ass!”
The Marshal: “You better watch yourself.”
Alfred: ((Ulysses get your self to a high vantage point. With a nice clear line of sight to the racers. To better see the action of course))
Ulysses: “Good Idea Al.”
Ulysses head out for a good viewing spot
The Marshal: The referee makes sure everyone lines up and gives a “Ready! Set!” and fires his pistol, starting the race.
Eddie rolled : 1d12
5 =

Eddie rolled : 1d6
1 =

The Marshal rolled (Ralphie) : 1d8!
2 =

The Marshal: Eddie pulls ahead of Ralphie, but there are a couple of horses ahead of both of them.
The Marshal: A bookie takes Ulysses’s $20 bet.
Eddie rolled : 1d12+2
4 =

Eddie rolled : 1d12
5 =

Eddie rolled : 1d6
5 =

The Marshal rolled (Ralphie) : 1d8!
3 =

The Marshal: Eddie stays ahead of Ralphie and pulls into second place.
Eddie rolled : 1d12+2
4 =

Eddie rolled : 1d6
6 =

Eddie rolled : 1d6
1 =

The Marshal rolled (Ralphie) : 1d8!
15 =

The Marshal: Ralphie pulls even with Eddie. And tries to push her off her horse.
Bear: looks at Ulyssys “Don’t worry, I can loan you money if you need me to”
The Marshal rolled (punch) : 1d6!
3 =

The Marshal: Ralphie’s punch misses.
Eddie rolled : 1d6
6 =

Eddie rolled : 1d6
4 =

→ Jason Beighel: You need to respond with the Sam Jackson “Say what again…” speech one of these times
Eddie rolled : 1d6
3 =

Eddie rolled : 1d6
3 =

Eddie: “What in the even hell!?!?”
The Marshal: Ralphie is shaken and…
The Marshal rolled (riding) : 1d8!
7 =

The Marshal: he stays on his horse.
Eddie rolled : 1d12+2
7 =

Eddie rolled : 1d6
5 =

The Marshal rolled (Ralphie) : 1d8!
5 =

Eddie: (( dudes sorry yall ))
The Marshal: Eddie pulls ahead of Ralphie again.
The Marshal: You are now approaching the finish line.
The Marshal: But as you get closer, passing the crowds, one of the other Wilderness Raiders kicks a barrel into the road in front of Eddie.
Eddie rolled : 1d12+2
4 =

Eddie rolled : 1d6
2 =

Eddie rolled : 1d6
5 =

Eddie rolled : 1d12
5 =

The Marshal: Posie’s hoof clips the top of the barrel as she goes over it.
The Marshal: But she keeps her footing.
The Marshal rolled (Ralphie) : 1d8!
3 =

Eddie: hahhh!
The Marshal: Ralphie falls farther behind.
The Marshal: Eddie crosses the finish line first, to the cheering of the crowd.
Eddie: pumps a fist in the air
Ulysses hoots and hollers!
The Marshal: The bookie hands Ulysses $40.
Alfred: “Huzzah! Well done Eddie, good show!”
Bear: “Good One”
Eddie: laughs excitedly “Thanks a bunch y’all!”
Ulysses: “Woo Hoo! DInners is on ME!”
Eddie: grinning widely
Eddie: pats Posie’s neck gently
The Marshal: The race organizer hands Eddie 5 $10 Gold Eagles.
The Marshal: “Congrats, sir…I mean, miss.”
Eddie: “Ohhh.. ohhh wow…. thank y’very much!”

Chat Log 1-23-13

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