Deadlands: How the West Was Weird

Session #1

Chat Log

Having arrived in Chanute, Kansas by train, Alfred and Eddie settle in at the saloon. There they meet a photographer, Ambrose Cole, and witness a strange game of poker between an outlaw and scandalously dressed woman.

Alfred's journal (Session #1)

It was a rather pleasant train ride to Kansas. I suppose it might have gotten a little dull had I not met Miss Eddie. A rather unusual lady, she seemed rather inclined to hide her femininity. I suppose I shall have to get used to that. It seems that people in the west have deep passions for unusual matters, more on that later.

The weather is abominably hot. My complaints about the summer heat in Boston seem rather foolish in retrospect. My AC and R device certainly disagrees with the temperatures. I’ll need to improve the ventilation for the Ghost Rock combustion chamber to compensate. Its interesting to see how these devices react to the increased heat. This detail was lacking in my studies, which just goes to show how useful field testing can be.

While Miss Eddie and I were asking about the amenities in town we happened across a pair playing cards. A lady had bested a gentleman at the game, and he was most put out at the outcome. He accused her of cheating and was building such a rage that his heart gave out. The unusual part was that the other patrons of the saloon didn’t fetch a doctor at all, they immediately summoned the coroner, which leads me to believe that this is a common affair in the region.

These are the deep passions I mentioned above. I’ll need to be cautious when someone gets agitated in conversation lest I accidentally put them into a similar fit.

Session #2

Chat Log

Meanwhile, outside of town, the Coyote Kid and Kuruk discover a grisly scene at a farmhouse.


During the ensuing fight with the ticks, one jumps onto Coyote’s face, forces open his mouth, and crawls down his gullet. After killing the last of the ticks, Kuruk and Coyote high-tail it into town to try to find a doc before the tick in Coyote’s stomach decides to come out again.

They make it to Chanute and find the doc’s office. The Doc has Coyote drink a quart of disgusting castor oil. Ticks do not like castor oil, and it comes crawling back out of Coyote’s mouth and it gets squashed.

The McGuire Gang

After Coyote coughed up his tick, he and Kuruk adjourned to the saloon where they met Alfred Roxley and Ambrose Cole. Soon after, they noticed riders coming into town, all red-headed and wearing derbys. Coyote recognized them as a the McGuire gang that he and Kuruk were tracking.

Investigating, a firefight soon broke out. Alfred, testing his flamethrower, discovered how effective it was by burning three of the McGuires to death in a gruesome fashion.

Session 4 Chat Log

Dead Men Walkin'

After the shootout with the McGuire’s, the posse was relaxing in the Saloon when they heard strange noises outside…

Chat Log 10-04-12

Dead Men Walkin' 2

The posse continues it’s fight with the zombies…

Chat Log 10-18-12

Alfred's Journal (The road to Dodge City)

It seems things happen fast out west. No sooner had I met a pair of new faces than they’d gotten me assisting them in thwarting a bank robbery. The whole thing was terrible and exciting at the same time. There was no better field test for a ghost rock device as that, but having bullets whizzing past your ears is not a place I’d care to be.

Whatever lawbreakers we thwarted were a resilient sort. Despite Ulysses bullets and the flames I shot at them they survived. The fool undertaker took them for dead, his mistake was made clear when they walked out of the morgue on their own. The gangsters held a grudge and sought us out in the saloon. We were obliged to subdue them yet again, as before they appeared dead I can’t imagine they can survive such a beating a second time but who can say.

The four of us, indeed we’ve formed quite a little band, myself, Ulysses, Eddie, and Kuruk. Eddie I met on the train to Chanute, a nice quiet young man with a soft spot for horses, I hadn’t expected such fire in him with how he dealt with those bandits. Ulysses seems to be some sort of bounty hunter, he knows the region and is a crack shot sure to be a good companion out here. Kuruk is one of those red indians, with a thing for their ceremonies and using their savage weapons apparently he works with Ulysses.

The four of us set out from Chanute to Dodge City, apparently they have some large celebration going on for Independence Day. With luck I can find some sponsors to get my experiments underway again.

Traveling in this barren land is a true test of your endurance. The hot sun is everywhere leaving scarcely any shade. It was a good thing my condensing unit was with us, else we’d have been fully dehydrated in an afternoon. Even so, we’ll need to stop for a break before too much longer passes.

Ghost Town

Hightailing it out of Chanute before the sheriff decided to arrest them for the bloodbath in the saloon, the posse is on the trail to Dodge City. With it getting on towards evening and the heat still almost unbearable, they come to the town of Prosperity, which appears abandoned.

Seeking shelter in the ruins of the saloon, the posse is terrorized by the spirit of the bartender, which chases them out. They then see lights and hear screams coming from the wreckage of the store next door, Alfred Roxley, his mind unable to process the sight of a ghost, cannot bring himself to enter. But Kuruk does, and notices that the debris flying around the store all seems to be hitting the floor in one particular spot. That spot is a loose floorboard, and underneath is a young woman’s diary.

Meanwhile, outside, Eddie sees a shape moving in the shadows. It does not answer when she calls to it though. It quickly moves closer, revealing itself to be a man-like shape composed entirely of fire-ants. This is disconcerting, so the posse fights the creature, Ulysses finally putting it down with his blazing pistols.

But after a few seconds of discussion, the creature returns and the fight begins anew…

Chat Log 10-31-12

Ghost Town part 2

The fight with the fire-ant ghost continued as the posse read the diary. Alfred’s flamethrower kept the spirit at bay though. They discovered that the body of Kit Harding needed to be buried in sacred ground to stop the haunting. The posse dug up his body from under the old oak tree and put it in a coffin in the church yard.

The posse continued on to Dodge City, KS, where they met Wyatt Earp who hired them as deputies for the duration of the Independence Day festivities.

Chat Log 11-28-12


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