Deadlands: How the West Was Weird

Independence Day: Part V & VI

The morning after smashing the walkin’ head, the posse is summoned to the Doc’s office where he recounts a story of murder in the medical tents of the Battle of Gettysburg. A madman ran through the wounded, amputating arms, legs and heads as he went. Later, Suzy called for the posse and recounted the attack of the Butcher. Becoming suspicious of how the Butcher entered the room, the posse searched the roof of the Dog-Eye. On the roof was a bed made of straw. The roof was covered in dried blood.

After talking to Wyatt Earp again, the posse made their plans to find the Butcher on Fourth of July. The Butcher found them first though, surprising Kuruk and Alfred on the roof as Ulysses and Eddie battled walkin’ heads in the alley below. Alfred was so terrified by the sight of the Butcher he nearly died of a heart attack.

After a long battle the posse prevailed, stabbing the Butcher to death. He dropped the scalpel to the ground and changed back to the form of Clayton.

Chat Log 4-3-13


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