Deadlands: How the West Was Weird

Independence Day: Part IV

The party summons Wyatt Earp and clean up the mess left by the walkin’ head. But with Clayton no where to be found, there’s nothing to do but watch the night’s festivities like a hawk.

The posse patrolled the party carefully, keeping a close eye on the Wilderness Raiders, even following Ralphie to the outhouse. When he didn’t emerge, Ulysses knocked. When there was no answer, he burst in. Inside was Ralphie’s body, missing it’s head and legs. Some boards had been knocked out of the back of the outhouse.

Jake saw the body, and accused Ulysses of doing killing Ralphie. He drew his knife and attacked, as did the other Raiders. Ulysses drew and shot Jake down. Kuruk clocked one with his warclub, and Eddie knocked one out with one punch. The crowd panicked and dispersed.

Wyatt again showed up, and helped take care of yet another mess.

Chat Log 3-6-13


Hexxenhammer Hexxenhammer

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