Deadlands: How the West Was Weird

In the White Room with Black Curtains

So, Eddie, Kurak, Alfred and Ulysses headed out of Dodge on their horses looking for adventure in the wild west.

The first place we came across was a small station for the Black Rock Railroad. The only buildings were the Station, the Station Master’s shack, the Water Tower, a barn and an outhouse. Eddie happily tended to the horses at the barn while the rest of us went to find the Station Master.

We went to his shack and there were claw marks all over the door. We decided to enter and see if he was home but injured. Inside we found no Station Master but signs of gunfire and an empty revolver on the floor.

We then searched the Station itself. The office was in good order and the schedule showed that the next train should be along late the next morning. We also checked the barn but found nothing but provisions for the horses.

Begrudgingly we went to peek in the outhouse. Of course the seat board was out of place and after closer inspection we could see a body down in the hole. Luckily we were able to lasso the body from above and drag what we assume was the poor Station Manager’s body out into the open. After a douse with some trough water we were able to inspect the corpse and discover that there were bite marks over the body and it has been completely drained of blood.

At this point it was getting late and we needed to decide where to hold up for the night. Ulysses seemed to think that the Station was the most secure looking building but is assuming that Eddie is going to have an issue leaving the horses in the barn with a blood sucking assailant on the loose…


Hexxenhammer JamesLaManna

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