Deadlands: How the West Was Weird

Alfred's Journal (Arrival in Dodge City)

So it seems that things only move quickly among what passes for civilization in these lands. When you out in the sun scorched waste lands on between those man made oases, time drags on interminably.

Though it seems that these islands of civilization are but a hairs breadth from being retaken by nature. We came across a small town, which had apparently been through troubling times. We saw but a few people, and the insect swarms were truly astounding. They could form vaguely human forms, masses of insects would form legs which it almost seemed to walk upon. A very troubling sight.

We perservered and arrived at Dodge city in time for the 4th of July celebration. The town seems to be filling rapidly for the festivities. I’m sure the throng in attendence when the events beging will be truly impressive. It seems they are in dire need of law enforcement to keep the mob under control. Ulysses and Kuruk had an interest in being deputized, or at least working for the sheriff. The man was either confused or desperate, he gave badges to Eddie and myself as well.

I had hoped to find a patron to fund my researches, having to patrol the streets will take time from that. However, it will provide a few dollars which will certainly be a help.


Hexxenhammer Qman

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