Deadlands: How the West Was Weird

Night Train

Leaving the abandoned train station, the party finds itself in Varney Flats. After looking around a bit, they report to the sheriff’s with news of the murdered station manager. The deputy there, named Parrish, says that’s too bad, but he’s got bigger problems. The marshall is missing and he’s got a buffalo hunter in the jail that the townsfolk mean to lynch. He hires the posse to help him chase off any lynchmob that might attempt their own justice. The posse agrees.

They then rode off in the direction the missing marshall was traveling to see if they can find any sign of him. They come to a small sod house that is much the same scene as the station manager’s. There is blood and signs of a gunfight, and also the same strange footprints.

Returning to Varney Flats, the posse awaits the lynch mob. When they get drunk enough, the come for the criminal, but Alfred humiliates the mayor and leader of the mob by soaking him with his water contraption and making him fall in the mud.
Late that night, a haunting train whistle is heard. Soon, a black ghost-rock engine pulling three cars stops at the station and blows its whistle. Out of the cars come pouring nosferatu, who quickly disperse into the city and start dragging people back to the train. The posse fights a few off, but the train departs with over a dozen prisoners.

Deputy Parrish and mayor Varney offer to pay the posse to chase the train and bring their citizens back. Agreeing like any good hero would, the posse gives chase. Kuruk and Ulysses board the engine and find a zombie-like creature at the controls. They kill it, and Alfred douses the fire with his water machine.

Kuruk and Ulysses then start creeping along the top of the train towards the back where they think the townsfolk are. But Parrish has alerted the vampires, and some crawl to the top to confront them. In the struggle, Kuruk is grappled by one and is almost drained of his blood. Hoping to save him, Eddie takes a shot at the creature, but misses and hits Kuruk in the face. The vampire and Kuruk’s body tumble off the train and are crushed beneath the wheels.
Eddie rage

In the White Room with Black Curtains

So, Eddie, Kurak, Alfred and Ulysses headed out of Dodge on their horses looking for adventure in the wild west.

The first place we came across was a small station for the Black Rock Railroad. The only buildings were the Station, the Station Master’s shack, the Water Tower, a barn and an outhouse. Eddie happily tended to the horses at the barn while the rest of us went to find the Station Master.

We went to his shack and there were claw marks all over the door. We decided to enter and see if he was home but injured. Inside we found no Station Master but signs of gunfire and an empty revolver on the floor.

We then searched the Station itself. The office was in good order and the schedule showed that the next train should be along late the next morning. We also checked the barn but found nothing but provisions for the horses.

Begrudgingly we went to peek in the outhouse. Of course the seat board was out of place and after closer inspection we could see a body down in the hole. Luckily we were able to lasso the body from above and drag what we assume was the poor Station Manager’s body out into the open. After a douse with some trough water we were able to inspect the corpse and discover that there were bite marks over the body and it has been completely drained of blood.

At this point it was getting late and we needed to decide where to hold up for the night. Ulysses seemed to think that the Station was the most secure looking building but is assuming that Eddie is going to have an issue leaving the horses in the barn with a blood sucking assailant on the loose…

Independence Day: Part VII

This should suffice for an update from our last session.


Independence Day: Part V & VI

The morning after smashing the walkin’ head, the posse is summoned to the Doc’s office where he recounts a story of murder in the medical tents of the Battle of Gettysburg. A madman ran through the wounded, amputating arms, legs and heads as he went. Later, Suzy called for the posse and recounted the attack of the Butcher. Becoming suspicious of how the Butcher entered the room, the posse searched the roof of the Dog-Eye. On the roof was a bed made of straw. The roof was covered in dried blood.

After talking to Wyatt Earp again, the posse made their plans to find the Butcher on Fourth of July. The Butcher found them first though, surprising Kuruk and Alfred on the roof as Ulysses and Eddie battled walkin’ heads in the alley below. Alfred was so terrified by the sight of the Butcher he nearly died of a heart attack.

After a long battle the posse prevailed, stabbing the Butcher to death. He dropped the scalpel to the ground and changed back to the form of Clayton.

Chat Log 4-3-13

Independence Day: Part IV

The party summons Wyatt Earp and clean up the mess left by the walkin’ head. But with Clayton no where to be found, there’s nothing to do but watch the night’s festivities like a hawk.

The posse patrolled the party carefully, keeping a close eye on the Wilderness Raiders, even following Ralphie to the outhouse. When he didn’t emerge, Ulysses knocked. When there was no answer, he burst in. Inside was Ralphie’s body, missing it’s head and legs. Some boards had been knocked out of the back of the outhouse.

Jake saw the body, and accused Ulysses of doing killing Ralphie. He drew his knife and attacked, as did the other Raiders. Ulysses drew and shot Jake down. Kuruk clocked one with his warclub, and Eddie knocked one out with one punch. The crowd panicked and dispersed.

Wyatt again showed up, and helped take care of yet another mess.

Chat Log 3-6-13

Independence Day: Part III

Running out of ideas where to look for clues next, the posse decided to talk to the hotel proprietors. They learned that Clayton, the drunk who was strangely proficient at setting Walter’s broken arm, was staying in the room next to Suzy’s regular room. They convinced the hotel owner to let them in Clayton’s room.

Under the bed in Clayton’s room were a medical bag and a large carpet bag. In the medical bag were the usual medical supplies, including a black case that looked to hold a scalpel, but the scalpel was missing. Kuruk noticed a stain on the carpet bag that looked like blood. Inside the bag was a head with several arms and legs sewn to it. When Kuruk went to smash it, it came to life and tried to defend itself. Kuruk was able to easily crush it with his warclub.

Chatlog 2-20-13

Independence Day: Part II

Running out of the hotel to see what the commotion was, but posse found Ralphie Simpkins standing over Walter. In the ensuing flurry of activity, Ralphie broke Walter’s arm, Ida Mae accused Jake Simpkins of being a liar, Clayton set Walter’s broken arm, and Wyatt Earp broke up the trouble.

The next morning the posse attempted to question Suzy, but all she would do is scream.

And Eddie won a horse race despite Ralphie trying to cheat his way to victory.

Chat Log 1-23-13

Independence Day: Part I

The posse arrives at the Dog Eye Saloon in the part of Dodge Wyatt Earp has assigned them to patrol. The posse is accosted by a few of the locals: Ida Mae the temperance league activist, Clayton the drunk, Ralphie and Jake Simpkins the Wilderness Raiders, Walter the pacifist veteran, and Suzy Winger, prostitute, and Paul Goodwin.

Their first night on the job goes uneventfully until the street dance ends and a scream is heard coming from the Dog Eye. Rushing to investigate, the posse finds Suzy screaming and a man on her bed with his head and arms missing. As the posse investigates, more shouts are heard from out in the street…

Chat Log 12-12-12
Chat Log 12-27-12

Alfred's Journal (Arrival in Dodge City)

So it seems that things only move quickly among what passes for civilization in these lands. When you out in the sun scorched waste lands on between those man made oases, time drags on interminably.

Though it seems that these islands of civilization are but a hairs breadth from being retaken by nature. We came across a small town, which had apparently been through troubling times. We saw but a few people, and the insect swarms were truly astounding. They could form vaguely human forms, masses of insects would form legs which it almost seemed to walk upon. A very troubling sight.

We perservered and arrived at Dodge city in time for the 4th of July celebration. The town seems to be filling rapidly for the festivities. I’m sure the throng in attendence when the events beging will be truly impressive. It seems they are in dire need of law enforcement to keep the mob under control. Ulysses and Kuruk had an interest in being deputized, or at least working for the sheriff. The man was either confused or desperate, he gave badges to Eddie and myself as well.

I had hoped to find a patron to fund my researches, having to patrol the streets will take time from that. However, it will provide a few dollars which will certainly be a help.

Ghost Town part 2

The fight with the fire-ant ghost continued as the posse read the diary. Alfred’s flamethrower kept the spirit at bay though. They discovered that the body of Kit Harding needed to be buried in sacred ground to stop the haunting. The posse dug up his body from under the old oak tree and put it in a coffin in the church yard.

The posse continued on to Dodge City, KS, where they met Wyatt Earp who hired them as deputies for the duration of the Independence Day festivities.

Chat Log 11-28-12


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